This consultation practice, in existence since 2005, provides objective and evidence-based consultation on issues related to potential child abuse. We provide comprehensive, evidence-based education for attorneys or public agencies on issues related to potential sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect or unexpected child fatalities.  The goal of this consultation service is to apply evidence-based, objective, thorough and responsible standards. 

Cases in this domain are often highly complex and involve multiple disciplines. We are experienced in navigating these cases and approach each project from a perspective of educating the attorney and/or public agency, evaluating materials, and providing guidance/opinions.

Of particular focus are cases whereby schools, medical providers or others who interface with children allegedly “missed abuse” leading to litigation.

If you do not hear back from us after receiving a confirmatory email, we are respectfully not interested in the case. Note, we decline the majority of referrals to our consultation practice as we are exceptionally selective in the types of consultations our expertise and practice standards are a match for. We only respond to attorneys or public agency professionals: this service is not a clinical practice.

We do not advertise. This website is for informational purposes only.