Patients presenting with concerns for sexual assault to hospitals are entitled to prompt and diligent care. These standards are set forth through various federal and state regulations. Our expert is a sexual assault policy development professional with experience since 2002 implementing and monitoring these processes for a regional trauma center. In addition, she’s participated in state and national protocol development. Cases whereby hospitals are alleged to be deficient in sexual assault policy development, or patients have been denied proper care are appropriate for expert reviews. Further, hospitals may benefit from consultation on policy development and staff education to assure such requirements are fulfilled.

Sexual Assault Hospital Requirements for Expert Review:

Hospitals are required to:

  • Ensure that all potential victims of rape or sexual assault who present at the hospital are provided with care that is comprehensive and consistent with current standards of practice.
  • Ensure forensic evidence is properly collected and preserved.
  • Maintain current protocols regarding the care of patients reporting sexual assault
  • Ensure that there are trained and qualified staff available to perform sexual assault examinations at all times;
  • Promote staff opportunities for continuing education;
  • Designate a staff member to coordinate the required care of a potential victim of rape or sexual assault;
  • Assure that each patient has access to a rape crisis counselor or victim;
  • Provide for the immediate availability of prophylaxis for sexually transmitted infection, HIV, hepatitis B, and prophylaxis against pregnancy resulting from sexual assault, as needed;
  • Implement protocols that provide for the conduct of an evidentiary examination to collect and preserve evidence, in accordance with current protocols;
  • Develop and implement quality improvement activities to monitor performance.

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